Juego de Coupage 1758

Gourmet pack for the most select palates and lovers of details.


Surprise with this natural wood case made up of a '1758 Polifenoles Coupage II Tempranillo- Syrah' wine albarel , and our latest addition to the '1758 Coupage 5 Variedades' range of oils.


In addition, it contains a unique and special memory of the farm, a bag with volcanic stones from our volcano, declared a Natural Monument in the year 1999.

Juego de Coupage 1758

  • It is a wine that is the result of our winery's passion for looking for something genuine. This wine has more than 100 certified polyphenols.

    With this wine, in addition to enjoying its sensory properties, its high content of POLYPHENOLS will protect your cardiovascular system. The more polyphenols a wine has, the greater its antioxidant capacity.

  • Starting from selected olives, the EVOOs of this SPECIAL COUPAGE of the Alfafara, Arbequina, Arroniz, Changlot Real, and Picual varieties are made separately. Later they are mixed according to the oleologist's criteria.

    The result is an intense, aromatic, fruity and balanced EVOO with a mild and spicy aftertaste where polyphenols are present in exceptional quantities.